Yakult: Little Bottle, Big Story
Yakult's brief was an open one. We had to create an immersive experience that would help people understand the
depth of our product - their probiotic health drink. What started out as a simple factory tour developed itself into a unique story,
told via a very tactile medium in a virtual space. A once in a lifetime creative adventure and a true labour of love.

Watch the full movie at www.littlebottlebigstory.com

Yakult: Little Bottle, Big Story from SuperHeroes Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Little Bottle Big Story

The site offered an interactive version of the video, allowing the viewer to engage with the story whilst learning about Yakult.

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A couple of snapshots from the video

Designer *slash* model

That's me in the workshop making trees for the model!

Putting the finishing touches on the model before the shoot.

Wondering how it was made?

Watch how we did it!